Prepping an EE Site for Client Access

Note: this screencast is old. Way out of date. We’d recommend purchasing our EE 2 book instead.

So you’ve been slaving away on a site for a client - building it out on ExpressionEngine.  The site is almost done from a functional point of view and it’s time to start thinking about handing it off to the client.

How do you set them up with access and make sure they only see what they need to see - both so they are impressed with your work, and so that they don’t mess anything up by selecting options that you didn’t factor for on the site?

This 38 minute screencast is designed to help you best configure your site before giving your clients access to it.

The screencast begins with changing the “Weblog” nomenclature in the Control Panel, then moves into creating and configuring a Content Admin member group with the access levels appropriate for clients.

From there I show how to clean up the Publish page by removing options that aren’t appropriate for clients.  Tweaking custom field configurations also helps improve that Publish/Edit page experience. 

From there I cover a bit of housekeeping, then creating and testing client logins. While testing the client login I’ll show how to improve their Control Panel experience with a few tweaks.

After viewing this screencast you should be able to configure and tweak your ExpressionEngine-based site for client access - ensuring they will be setup for success by only seeing the appropriate areas and options in the EE Control Panel.


  • You currently have a site running in EE
  • You are comfortable working with the EE Control Panel

Not Covered

  • The actual “go-live” site launch process
  • Working with EE in a development/staging/live server environment