Updated ExpressionEngine Book

At long last - we’re excited to announce the release of our ExpressionEngine book, updated for EE 2.6.1. Err, 2.6.2. Oh - just keep reading.

This update has been a longer time coming than MsBoyink and I would have liked (the brunt of the update involved changing the source document from MS Word to Pages on the Mac).

Change Log
From a content perspective, here’s what is different with this version of the book:

  • Fixed reader reported errata (thanks!)
  • Added two chapters covering the new multi-relationship field released in EE 2.6
  • Mentioned the new Rich Text Field released in EE 2.5
  • Updated all documentation links due to EllisLab restructuring their URLs
  • Covered the new ExpressionEngine license structure
  • Removed references to content no longer on ExpressionEngine.com
  • Edited content such that the book no longer talks about how EE2 is different from EE1, just explaining EE2.
  • Updated references to 3rd party add-ons
  • Removed references to EE bugs that have been fixed
  • Removed the Index of Figures that had questionable value (and that Pages couldn’t generate)

What Version?
As I write this ExpressionEngine is sitting at EE 2.6.1, so that’s the formal version the book targets. However, in developing the content for the new chapter on Advanced Relationships we actually caused some changes to the EE codebase that will appear in the next released version.  The upside is that once, for a change, the book is ahead of the software. The downside is the code in Chapter 29 won’t work until the next release of EE.  But hey, it’s like a little peek into the future of EE.

Update Policy?
We’ve had a few questions already asking if the update will be free for past purchasers and the answer is no, it’s a paid update for everyone. The reality of maintaing a book like this when you are a small business is that it takes a significant amount of time, and we just can’t justify continual free updates on a product that costs less than a tank of gas or about the same as a decent meal out for a family of 4.

We are, however, keeping the price the same $29.99 as before. We still feel it’s fair based on the quality of the content and the skills you learn by reading it.

Print Version?
Our next task is to update the print version that sells via Amazon, but we want to sell a few copies of the digital one first and see if there are any significant issues that we missed.

Buy Now?
You certainly can - here’s the detail page with buy now links.

Time for Wine?
Yes please!



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