Portfolio Series Complete

It’s been too-long in coming, but the Building a Responsive Portfolio on ExpressionEngine 2 tutorial series here on Train-ee is finally complete.

I won’t bore you with the details of why this took so long - suffice to say I started the series while right in the middle of a significant life change for us as a family. That transition took a while to settle out, then factor in the normal demands of running web development and training businesses, full-time travel, and raising two teens and well, here we are.

The Building A Responsive Portfolio Site marks the 3rd complete build-a-site series that I have written for ExpressionEngine. The genesis of Train-ee was the Build a Small Business Site series, still here on Train-ee for free (but lingering in EE1 code yet). You can get the updated to EE2 version of that series in my book. Then came the Building a Church Site series which, while also still in EE1 code, has some nuggets of wisdom if you are tasked with building a church website.

You can now use the complete Building a Responsive Portfolio Site series here on Train-ee to get your feet wet with ExpressionEngine 2 while working with more updated front end code.

The series starts with how ExpressionEngine thinks about content, puts together a content model, then covers the build of a Tumblr-like blog in ExpressionEngine, static “About” type content, and portfolio pieces with relationships, categories, and more. The site uses mostly native EE build approaches but also incorporates a couple of 3rd party addons.

One of the primary drivers for wanting to finish this project was to clear mental space and work-time for my newest book project - Ditching Suburbia. Ditching Suburbia will tell our “suburbs to full-time travel” story and the story of other families finding ways out of traditional lives in the suburbs. We have interviewed RVing families, sailing families, missionary families, expat families, families who spent 3 years riding bikes and more.  I’m excited about how the project is coming together and hope to extend Ditching Suburbia from a book to a movement. 

I’m also available for web development work, ExpressionEngine training for internal teams, or technical writing projects. Please feel free to Contact Me for details and availability!



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