10 years == $10

Today marks ten years since I joined the ExpressionEngine (pMachine then) forums and started working with products created by Rick Ellis and EllisLab.  To celebrate the occasion I’ve discounted the price of the electronic version of my ExpressionEngine book from $29.99 to $10.

The sale will run until approximately 5:00PM Mountain Time.

Get it while it’s hot!

What Does Advanced Training Mean To You?

Many of you have expressed a desire for advanced ExpressionEngine training - and we’d like to ask “What do you mean by that?”



This was going to be your standard PR post.

It was just going to say how much fun I had doing the first-ever Campus Certified ExpressionEngine Training day with EllisLab last week.


Learn Holistic ExpressionEngine Optimization

The announcement is out, and it’s time to buy your ticket for a 1-2 punch of ExpressionEngine goodness: the EECI Conference and the first Certified ExpressionEngine training available anywhere.  The Conference website is live and you can purchase your ticket for the class, which is a whole day dedicated to Optimizing ExpresionEngine sites. 

We’ll look at more than just page-load times, though, taking a Holistic approach that looks at the site performance, your performance as a developer and your client’s performance managing their content.

We’re still putting the details of the class together, but there’s a very good chance some of the day will be led by EllisLab developers themselves!

Train-ee Partners with EllisLab to Provide Certified ExpressionEngine Training

I’m happy to announce that EllisLab has chosen Train-ee to partner with in providing the first Certified ExpressionEngine training through their new “Campus” effort.  The first available certified ExpressionEngine training will be available as part of the upcoming EECI Conference to be held at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in Texas from October 15 to 17, 2012.

The EllisLab announcement can be found on their blog - but just so you know we are getting the details (topic and cost, mainly) figured out.  Once those are solidified we’ll be sure to announce them about everywhere possible.

Hope to see you there!

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