May 2012

Train-ee Updates

I’ve recently completed some long-overdue updates here on  First, I upgraded the site from EE version 1.7.1 to EE 2.5.  It was the smoothest upgrade I’ve done yet with no errors occurring during the process. Updated versions of the few add-ons the site uses were all available so once the upgrades were done it was just a matter of finding and uploading those.

While I won’t be producing any stand-alone screencasts in the foreseeable future, the ones I did for EE1 are still on the site and are now free to download. 

With the screencasts made free I only have one downloadable product to sell - the EE2 book - which made using EE’s Simple Commerce Module a bit overkill with it’s requirement to register & login (which also opened the door to spam registrations to deal with). So (for the time being at least) I’ve ditched SCM so that you can now purchase the book without having to register and I don’t have to keep managing the memberships.

With this upgrade out of the way I can now feel better about starting some new tutorials around EE2 (it just didn’t feel right writing about EE2 on a site still running EE1).  Look for the beginning of a new Build a Site tutorial series soon.

Bringing you that ExpressionEngine lightbulb moment.

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