October 2009

EE is a Geyser

It’s been slightly more than a day since I returned from the European The ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter Conference held last week in Leiden, Netherlands.  I’ve just about recovered from jet lag so wanted to post a summary of the experience while it was all (somewhat) fresh in my head and before cracks start appearing in the dam of on-hold projects and client demands.


Speaking at the EE/CI Conference

I’d be remiss if I didn’t announce that I’ll be leaving tomorrow for the first-ever ExpressionEngine/CodeIgniter Conference to be held in Leiden, The Netherlands later this week.  I’ll be giving a presentation titled “Quoting and Planning EE Sites” wherein I’ll try to share what I’ve learned about the topic from 5 years of client work through Boyink Interactive

I’m excited that EE and CI are popular enough to get their own conference, and also that I’m getting to travel from Holland (MI, USA) to Holland (Netherlands) for my first trip overseas.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the “real” Dutch culture compares to our version of it here in the states.  After the conference ends I’ll have a couple of days to explore the country, with a visit to the Frisian Islands planned and a couple of nights stay in this cool hotel in the Groningen area.

If you are attending the conference make sure to say hi!

Bringing you that ExpressionEngine lightbulb moment.

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