August 2009

Garmin Hires Train-ee

I’m very happy to announce that Garmin - a global leader in the GPS navigation, communication and sonar device industry - has hired Train-ee to lead ExpressionEngine training for its staff. 

I’ll be spending a week of August at Garmin’s headquarters in Olathe, Kansas teaching a mixed team of IT, Marketing and Communication folks the essentials for developing websites using EE.

My greatest fear at this point is getting lost trying to find the conference room…;)

Another Church Website Birthed

Garth Jantzen wrote to let me know that he used the Train-ee Church Site Series to build an ExpressionEngine-based website for his church: Fathers House in Atascadero, California.  Thanks for letting me know Garth - looks great!

Bringing you that ExpressionEngine lightbulb moment.

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