April 2009

Water from a Website Auction

It’s with great pleasure (and not a little trepidation) that I’m finally able to announce the Train-ee “Water from a Website” auction.  My hope is that by the end of the event on May 9th, a church will get the ExpressionEngine-based website built during the Building a Church Website tutorial series and we will have raised enough money to fully fund a fresh water well through charity:water.

I say “we” because I need your help.

To see a short video I put together, learn more about the project and the different ways you can help head over to the Water from a Website section.

Auction Teaser and Giveway

As a teaser to the upcoming Train-ee Church website auction, I just started tracking how many times my wife, two children and myself, use water in one day.  Note that this isn’t how much water we use, just the number of times we use a sink, flush a toilet, use the shower, run the wash machine, etc. 

So I thought I’d turn this into a little teaser and give-away.

Leave a comment with a guess in this post until 2:00 ET on 4/24.  Whoever comes closest will win your choice of any one book or screencast here on Train-ee.com.  If multiple people guess the same correct answer I’ll put your names in a hat and draw one winner.

Train-ee Student: 6 Month Checkup

Have you been checking one of the upcoming Train-ee classes and wondering if it would be worth it?  I mean really, wouldn’t it just be better to turn the whole class into a bunch of screencasts so you could stay nicely tucked away in your cozy hi-tech enclave? ;)  I’ve just received an update from Ryan Battles - who was in the inaugural Train-ee class in September of 2008.  Read on for his review of the experience six months later.


Win Train-ee Materials @ EETemplates

Marcus over at EETemplates is having a bit of a giveaway - and in addition to some EE product, template sets and Packt Press books you can also win some Train-ee materials.  Full details of the contest are here.

Bringing you that ExpressionEngine lightbulb moment.

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