January 2009

Win Train-ee (and other) Stuff!

The guys over at Newism recently re-launched the Campaign Monitor site on ExpressionEngine.  They are planning a blog series wherein the build will be detailed and as part of that series have assembled some EE schwag to give away - including a full set of all the EE learning materials here on Train-ee.  Rules for entering are on the Newism site - good luck!

Southern Fried EE Class Wrapup

It’s now been 3 days since the Southern Fried ExpressionEngine class in San Antonio ended, and between travel home and putting out some client fires I’m just now getting the chance to put my thoughts down about the experience.


Announcing Show-mEE (live EE Code View)

Thanks to the ingenious efforts of Greg Aker of EllisLab, I’m pleased to announce the Train-ee Church Site has a new feature - which allows you as the site visitor to click a link and immediately get the unrendered ExpressionEngine template code that creates the page you are looking at.


First Anniversary - Thanks So Much!

One year ago today I nudged Train-ee.com live - with hopes of it just covering my costs and maybe an odd dinner out here and there.  Suffice it to say I’ve been all at once both completely blown away and incredibly humbled at the actual response.


The $1195 Deal

Are you interested in the Southern Fried ExpressionEngine classroom training from Train-ee, but waffling due to the uncertain economy or total costs of the trip?

Then we have an offer for you…


Bringing you that ExpressionEngine lightbulb moment.

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