October 2008

Train-ee Gets Smashed

Smashing Mag aims to deliver “useful and innovative information for designers and Web developers”.  Over the past few months the site has become a go-to resource for design inspiration, icons, desktop images, textures, themes and more.


West Michigan Group-ee’s Gathering

Update: Canceled!

West Michigan ExpressionEngine users take note!  Train-ee is sponsoring an informal gathering for you.  Come to put personalities with Twitter profiles, or just for the free beer and pizza.


Green Business and More

I’m pleased to announce that the “Build a Small Business site” tutorial series that started this whole crazy thing has moved from Boyink.com and now lives on Train-ee.com.  I was also able to make a few other changes and additions today.


Hittin the Galleries

Train-ee.com is hitting the runway and smiling for the camera!  After a successful relaunch earlier this week the following CSS Design galleries are now including Train-ee.com:


Train-ee.com Relaunches

I’m pleased to announce, after way too many 12 hour days and weekend hours, that Train-ee.com has relaunched.  The new site features a slightly different architecture, a new visual design, and a few other niceties.


Bringing you that ExpressionEngine lightbulb moment.

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