Pages Module 3 - How Others Are Using It

This is part 3 of a 4 installment series on the ExpressionEngine Pages Module. Part 1 covers an introduction and history.  Part 2 covers installing, using and coding.  Here in part 3 we’ll look at what other developers are using the Pages Module for.


Sometimes the best way to see if a particular feature is valuable or not is to look at what use others have found for it.  I’ll include my use of the Pages Module at the end of this entry but thought I would also post some responses from other EE developers here as well.

Note that many of the comments around using the Pages Module were interspersed with comments about using some of the related add-ons, which I want to cover in the next and final chapter on this series.  My editing may be a bit heavy handed but I wanted to focus on just the Pages related portions of the comments here.

I’m using Pages module now to simply give me URL’s without the template_group in the URL structure. I’m using a static/index template for my static pages and then with the Pages module I can specify “/about” to be the Pages URL and get an nice looking URL like rather than Clients will still edit the entries in the Edit menu like usual. So, my use of the pages module is pretty basic.  via Deron Sizemore

I’m using the pages module on a complex site I’m building right now. Most of the content consists of 4 different channels in different sections, but they also have pages like, About Us, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, etc. These pages fall outside the regular norm of continual publication. That’s where I find the pages module is useful. via Bransin Anderson

I use the Ellislab Pages module a lot now, but my use is probably not typical. I use it for just one purpose: as a way of allowing editors to have fine-grained control of their URLs. I describe the Pages tab as a way of overriding what the default url would otherwise be for that particular entry. This is useful not just for SEO purposes, but also allows the Marketing department to send out short, friendly URLs in mailings and offline media. I don’t typically give access to the back end of the Pages module (the bit with the hierarchical listing), because in this context it’s misleading and somewhat useless. I like this approach because it feels like progressive enhancement: I could switch the module off at any time and the site would still work fine - I have no reliance on it. via James Smith

As for me, I’ve only used the Pages module to any extent on two sites and in both cases the use was the same.  These clients wanted one-off pages that didn’t exist in the navigation on the site and wanted to be able to specify the URL that the page appeared at.  They were usually doing a specific marketing campaign where the URL was going to appear in print so it needed to be as short as possible.  The content on the page also needed to be flexible.  I ended up creating dedicated “pages” channels, with one custom field for “content”.  That field was set to “none” for formatting, which allowed the clients to drop in any HTML for any type of media - Flash pieces, videos, photos and text, or survey forms where another app generated the HTML. In both cases the clients were very HTML savvy and I wasn’t concerned that they were going to publish a broken page.

In both cases the client were happy with what the Pages Module did for them - which was essentially work outside of the carefully crafted content management rules we had put in place for the rest of the site.

How about you - have you found a use for the native Pages Module not listed here?

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Picture of Marty Rogers

by Marty Rogers

Date: Thursday, February 19th, 2015
Comment: #1

I had never used ExpressionEngine up until a few months ago when a client specifically requested it during a re-build - got to say a huge thanks to you for all of your awesome and free tutorials and tips.


Picture of Boyink

by Boyink

Date: Thursday, February 19th, 2015
Comment: #2

Thanks Marty!

Picture of Colin

by Colin

Date: Sunday, May 24th, 2015
Comment: #3

As Marty says, great resource, thanks Boyink.

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