Integrating Monoslideshow with ExpressionEngine has an extensive tutorial on how to use Monoslideshow with the ExpressionEngine photo gallery module but I’ve had a few cases where using it with a custom weblog/custom fieldset was simpler for clients.

Download the EE Code for Integrating Monoslideshow with ExpressionEngine

I won’t duplicate the help found at 5Pieces, or in the Monoslideshow documentation.  All that’s really different is the code needed to pull the image and thumbnail specifications in the XML file used by Monoslideshow.

You’ll also need the “Extract URL Plus” plugin offered in this EE forum thread.

Note that in my case I have two fields in the photoblog: thumbnail and full_size_image.  I don’t use captions so just plug the title in as the image title and description.  I have MSS configured to not show this data anyway as I prefer to just let the images speak for themselves.

In order to get the XML to output correctly for Monoslideshow to parse it, I had to wrap a weblog:entries tag inside of a category:archive tag.  There’s probably a more efficient way to do this with a custom query, but so far the performance seems acceptable. Keep in mind that there is more to the XML file that Monoslideshow requires - the code in the files attached to this post go in the XML file after the “preferences” portion of the file closes.  This approach also assumes that all photoblog images are in the same directory.

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