05 - Sample Templates Now Available

With this post a limited version of the sample templates from ChristianTemplatesOnline.com are made available for educational use.


Yea - I know.  I missed a week in nudging this series along.  Last week was solid screencast production, as I again thought I had a 20-minute one in the works but it ended up being an hour.  I just flat-out ran out of time.

This post won’t be any great in-depth tutorial either but I’m hoping it won’t be the only post this week.  The purpose of this post is to announce that I’ve made an agreement with ChristianTemplatesOnline.com to make a free educational version of the template I purchased from them available to Train-ee.com readers.  The Train-ee.com version of the templates don’t include the table-based version of the templates, but does include the other files as they’ll likely be necessary to work through the task at hand.

So here’s the deal -

  • You may use these templates for the purposes of following the related tutorial on http://www.train-ee.com which will cover how to integrate these templates with the ExpressionEngine content management system
  • You must leave the reference to ChristianTemplatesOnline.com in the footer
  • You may not launch a live, completed site using these templates without purchasing the rights to them from ChristianTemplatesOnline.com
  • The site design and graphics are copyright ChristianTemplatesOnline.com
  • The related tutorials on Train-ee.com are copyright Michael Boyink of Boyink Interactive, LLC
  • ExpressionEngine is a registered trademark of EllisLab

Please respect the work that ChristianTemplatesOnline.com has done with these templates, and just pay them the $58 if you decide to use them in a production environment.  You know it’s the right thing to do.

OK - with all the legal and use agreement language out of the way, here is the link to download the templates:

Church Templates (.zip)

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Picture of tzTrainEE

by tzTrainEE

Date: Thursday, April 24th, 2008
Comment: #1

Awesome template Michael, did you have to remove some tables from the layouts then are you saying, or did they offer a tables-layout version also?
Thank you for sparing us, the tables code.

Every page validates as HTML 4.01, which is fine by me, I still prefer it over xhtml tags. It’s a very solid layout from what I can tell, no bugs to report here!

Hints: Uploading this to a remote server you might want to just upload the site directory, it’s under 2 megs. The CSS TABLELESS SITE folder contains the templates, I uploaded it just to see the code really and run it through the validator.
One of the photoshop files for the header is just over 10 megs by itself, it’s got 20 lovely header images though, really spectacular images.

I’m glad they’ve allowed the educational use here, I think it will really pay off for them in the end.

Picture of tzTrainEE

by tzTrainEE

Date: Thursday, April 24th, 2008
Comment: #2

I spotted where they say they include tableless and tables layout version: CSS TEMPLATES
Our CSS templates come with both CSS Tableless and Table Based versions…
Removing border=“0” on the index page for the site and it validated as strict html, not recommended for beginners to even worry about, transitional doctype will be much easier.

Picture of tzTrainEE

by tzTrainEE

Date: Thursday, April 24th, 2008
Comment: #3

To use the 23 fonts provided you can place those in:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts
Rather than installing them on your windows xp system, if you prefer. They will only be available to Adobe programs, but they don’t bog down your system fonts that way.
These fonts are used in customizing the logo PSD, etc.

Picture of Mucha

by Mucha

Date: Wednesday, April 30th, 2008
Comment: #4


Thanks for working out the deal with the templates folks. It was cool for you to do that for us, and it was cool of them to OK it!

Keep up the good work!

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