Reverse-Engineering an ExpressionEngine Site - Portland

Did you just inherit an existing ExpressionEngine site and need to figure out how all the moving parts fit together? This 2-hour session is for you.

The Class Details

  • Learn How (and in what order) EE generates web pages
  • Learn how to reverse-engineer an existing EE site
  • Learn how to document the site
  • Look for possible improvements

Class Prerequisites

  • Working knowledge of (X)HTML and CSS
  • A Laptop
  • MAMP/WAMP installed
  • ExpressionEngine installed

The Instructor

Michael Boyink

This class will be taught by Michael Boyink.

Michael has been teaching ExpressionEngine classes for over three years, has worked on dozens of ExpressionEngine-based websites, wrote a book on ExpressionEngine 2, produced the first commercial EE screencasts, and has been a speaker at ExpressionEngine conferences.

The Location

Portland, Oregon USA

This class will be in Portland, Oregon USA.

Photo by Flickr User Michael Silberstein.

Portland. Oh, you know Portland.

The Venue

This class will take place at the ExpressionEngine Conference.

This Train-ee class is part of the larger 2013 ExpressionEngine Conference and we’ve split up the class so you can extend your EE Education by taking part in other conference sessions each day.

To Signup

This class has already taken place - visit the Classroom Training page for information on current classes.

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