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So - lemme guess.  You’ve bought books, you’ve watched screencasts, you’ve read support forums - and yet you still aren’t where you want to be with ExpressionEngine.  That stuff is all great - but for you, spending a few concentrated days in traditional classroom-style training is flat-out more effective and efficient.

Or at least it can be, if you can tolerate being holed up in a national chain hotel spending your days in a generic mauve conference room.  Then, after the day’s training is over, it’s either explore a big city on your own or trudge upstairs to while away the evening hours watching TV in a cookie cutter room.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s the Train-ee approach: Take a fun location with lots of local attractions.  Schedule the class during the location’s sweet season.  Find an interesting, non-typical venue.  Keep the class size small to ensure lots of personal interaction.  Deliver a quality classroom experience with an instructor who still has ExpressionEngine grease from client projects under his fingertips.  When the training day is over plan for optional outings to see the local sights and get to know your classmates (and whoever they brought along). All yours for a reasonable cost. Book your seat now, and bring the family.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming public classes are currently being scheduled. Contact Train-ee to give input on dates and locations or to discuss a private class just for your team.

Recent Classes

Date Class Location Venue
2/11/15-2/11/15 Grok ExpressionEngine Pronto! Orlando, Florida Envy Labs
10/5/14-10/5/14 Intro to ExpressionEngine - Alexandria Alexandria, Virginia ExpressionEngine Conference
2/3/14-2/5/14 ExpressionEngine Beginner to Intermediate Training - San Antonio San Antonio, Texas USA Giles-Parscale Offices
10/15/13-10/15/13 Reverse-Engineering an ExpressionEngine Site - Portland Portland, Oregon USA ExpressionEngine Conference
10/14/13-10/15/13 Intro to ExpressionEngine - Portland Portland, Oregon USA ExpressionEngine Conference
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