Reviews for Building an ExpressionEngine 2 Site - Small Business (PDF)

I just hired a junior developer so this is the best way to get him up to speed on EE. Thanks for putting it together.

Francis Fernandes, Exclaim Solutions Inc.

“Michael Boyink clearly knows his stuff and the advice in his book helped me get up and running very quickly and is something I can refer back to every now and again.”

Amazon Reviewer,

A terrific resource - there were a number of times I stopped and said “no s**t”.

Paul Burton, 16toads Design, LLC

I was really impressed with what you covered and how practical it is.

Emily Lewis, Emily Lewis Design

Absolutely worth every cent. I must have saved months by spending just one day working through your book.

David Botha, Radlogyn (Pty) Ltd

“...the chapters are short, to the point, and incredibly easy to follow.”

Amazon Reviewer,

“Excellent book structure: you can either read the whole chapter or just scan the bits you need.”

Amazon Reviewer,

I’ve been reading your book on ExpressionEngine 2 and in just a few hours have found more information that actually works in the real world than I have in any other Expression Engine resource I’ve used. I’ve been using EE for a while, but have only recently started using EE2. Your book has not only brought me up to speed on the latest version of EE, but in just a few hours has showed me some invaluable techniques and hints that I will be using on all future projects. Thanks for a brilliant and comprehensive piece of work.

Andy Eagles

“This book is easy to follow from page one and flows so well that before you know it, you’ll have a working site.”

Amazon Reviewer,

“ of the easiest tech books i’ve ever gone through.”

Amazon Reviewer,

It was mainly due to your book that I was able to convert my site to EE so easily.

Laurence Knutsen,

“Very practical: you could drop all the examples in a real-world site.”

Amazon Reviewer,

“Plenty of tips and tricks throughout which I’ve been able to incorporate into my projects and now expand upon.”

Amazon Reviewer,

THANK YOU! Great book, saved my skin! In less than 2 hours we’re almost already built out & have a handle on EE, amazing work!!! Looks like I’ll be able to enjoy my holiday weekend instead of spending 3 days Googling answers to issues you address within the first 100 pages of the eBook… lol!

Ash Semien, MusicHeals Foundation

Exactly the book I’ve been waiting for and great timing for my EE2 dive-in. I read most of it on a flight today.  Excellent examples mate.

Aaron Young, Myofunctional Research Company

After half and hour of reading, I think I’ve already had my $30 worth :) Very happy customer.

John Mckenzie, Pocapoc

Love the book! Like the first edition, it’s realistic, easy to follow and a supremely useful resource for EE developers new and seasoned. Super rad!

Jenn Lukas,

“This is the second book I’ve bought on EE2 and it’s by far the best.”

Amazon Reviewer,

An excellent book - very well written and the structure is great. Your “miscellaneous content” solution alone has recouped the cost of the book.

Richard Ashby, MediaCreek

One of the best.

EllisLab, via Twitter

I have a client who wanted me to build an ExpressionEngine-based store for him, and I had never done it before. Without this book I would have been up poop creek without a paddle. :)


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