Building an ExpressionEngine 2 Site - Small Business (PDF) - Errata

We readily admit it; we are human. As such mistakes are to be expected - especially when writing a highly technical sequential book in a field where one character can be the difference between something working or not. Thanks to our eagle-eyed readers here's a list of the currently-known errors in the book:

  • p80, the section titled "Template Routes". The url you give is linked in the PDF to
  • In chapter 2 all stylesheet image links should be in the form of [site_url]images/filename.
  • p. 172 Step (4), "Field Name" should be "Short Name"
  • p.265 The book code has malformed HTML h3 tag including an orphan tag. The code is also incorrect in the Companion Files.
  • p.275 The book says "CAPTCHAs. We've got the code for this in place in our embeds/entry_comments code - but if you had sharp eyes you'll have noticed that I didn't have CAPTCHA turned on in the Weblog Channel Preferences." - But on p.264, Fig 92 clearly shows that CAPTCHA is set to yes. And in fact, following the book's text on default settings, my comments forms had CAPTCHA on and working (XAMPP on Windows).
  • p.311 The book code for the 404 Template uses {exp:channel:entries channel="miscellaneous content" ...} However there is no channel named "miscellaneous content". This should be channel="misc_content". The code is correct in the Companion Files.

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