Building an ExpressionEngine Site - Small Business

Version Note
This book is for ExpressionEngine version 1.6x.  If you are using ExpressionEngine 2 you’ll want the updated version.

New to ExpressionEngine development?  Get the only book that walks you through implementing a small business website completely on ExpressionEngine.  The sample website features the following architecture:

  • Home
  • About
  • Products
  • Services
  • Weblog
  • Contact

Also covered are using EE embedded templates, embedded variables with embedded templates, global variables, categories, and implementing the EE search engine.

Written for the working web professional, this book works through implementing the sample site in a step-by-step fashion.  It includes screenshots of the EE control panel and sample output, as well as all the code samples you’ll need to do the implementation. 

All templates covered in the book are included in text-based companion files for ease of copy/paste into EE.

This book is the compiled and dressed up version of the tutorial series available here on Train-ee.

Now Free!
Now that EE2 is out I’ve decided to make this book a free download.

Download the eBook for EE 1.6x
You can download the .zip file that contains both the PDF version of the book and text files of all the templates covered in the book at the following URL:

Download Now


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