Building an ExpressionEngine 2 Site - Small Business (PDF)

EllisLab has released ExpressionEngine 3 which includes a totally redesigned Control Panel. This book is written for ExpressionEngine 2.9. If or when we update the book for EE3 it will not be a free update as it will be a total re-write.

Remember the last time your boss gave you a new project and then said “Oh, by the way, we have a new CMS to build this one on. Have fun!” 

...and he was gone before the white board eraser bounced off the wall where his head just was?

Remember how much time you spent trying to read the “official” documentation - but it only told you what a feature DID but didn’t explain HOW TO USE IT?

Remember stomping your feet and crying out “I wish a magic geek genie would appear beside me RIGHT NOW and SHOW me step by step how to USE THIS THING!”

(Maybe you didn’t say those exact words but you have to admit a geek genie would be pretty cool.)

If that new tool you need to learn is ExpressionEngine, you have found the Magic Geek Genie you need.

OK, it’s not all that Magical, nor is there really a Genie.  But the geek part?  Covered.

399 pages.

159 screen captures.

Step by step detailed how-to instructions.

Learn not only what different features of ExpressionEngine do, but HOW to implement them and WHY you would choose one approach over others.

How good is this book?  EllisLab (you know, the company that created EE?) uses it to teach THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES!

Yes, that good.

By reading this book you will learn how to do the following with ExpressionEngine 2:

  • Build a full-featured, database-driven, easy-to-manage, secure Small Business website (clients will name their first-born after you).
  • Power any visual design for the ultimate in creative freedom (your designers will bring you brownies).
  • Implement different types of content including Home, About, Products, Services, and Weblog sections (your boss will worry about his job).
  • Add functionality including a Contact Form, Search, and 404 page (is that Google on the phone?).
  • Use Embedded Templates, Snippets, and Variables for easier site implementation and code maintenance (one word - Bermuda).
  • Organize Template Groups and Templates for semantic URLs (aren’t corner offices grand?).
  • Upload, dynamically size and manage images and other files (oh, get the leather interior. Just this once).
  • Use Categories for better content organization and showing related content (I’ve never felt twin outboards were ostentatious).
  • Use the Relationships field to create hierarchical content and direct entry to entry relationships.(Another one - in blue - for the wife please).
  • Tune the site for best performance (waiting until 55 to retire is so 2013).
  • Configure and optimize the Control Panel for client access (yes, “Emeritus” will fit on the card).
  • Extend ExpressionEngine with third-party add-ons(the President will see you now).
  • Learn advanced relationships and Template Layouts (Make room on the wall for the honorary degrees).

The Book Includes

  • A foreword by Rick Ellis, Founder of EllisLab.
  • Contextual links to the ExpressionEngine User Guide for more details on functionality covered.
  • Chapter-based troubleshooting tips to keep you speeding along in your development.
  • Code samples included for ease of copy & paste into EE.
  • All photos used in sample content - to save you the hassle.

This book has taught HUNDREDS of web developers just like you how to use ExpressionEngine and is considered by many people to be the “missing owner’s manual” to the product.  Here are some comments I’ve gotten from other developers who’ve purchased the book:

  • Exactly the book I’ve been waiting for and great timing for my EE2 dive-in. I read most of it on a flight today.  Excellent examples mate. - Aaron Young, Myofunctional Research Company
  • After half and hour of reading, I think I’ve already had my $30 worth :) Very happy customer. - John Mckenzie, Pocapoc
  • “This book is easy to follow from page one and flows so well that before you know it, you’ll have a working site.” - Amazon Reviewer,
  • One of the best. - EllisLab, via Twitter
  • “This is the second book I’ve bought on EE2 and it’s by far the best.” - Amazon Reviewer,

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  • Profit!
  • (and be sure to charge the cost of the book back to your boss..)

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