Some businesses begin with careful consideration, penetrating market research and a well-crafted business plan.

Train-ee started on a whim.

Well—less a whim than a spur of the moment decision to answer a cry in the ExpressionEngine support forums for a complete step by step series of tutorials for an entire site implementation on ExpressionEngine.

I began that series on Boyink.com, and six months and 17 chapters later it was the most popular content I’d ever published on the web.  Once done I began getting requests for compiling the series into a downloadable eBook and so I sat down one Saturday morning thinking I’d knock that out in a few hours.  It ended up taking at least 60 hours to edit the formatting and round out the content to where I felt it was a presentable book.  Between that time investment and the value I felt it had I decided that I should charge for it.  Boyink.com was already sort of a mish-mash of business and personal content and I didn’t want to further confuse it, so a more targeted domain and site made sense. 

And hence was born Train-ee.com.

So here’s the basic idea of Train-ee.com—I’ll develop resources that will help you learn ExpressionEngine.  These resources will be in a variety of forms to accomodate different learning styles.  I love EE as a product and always enjoy talking about it, demonstrating it, and helping people learn how to be productive and successful with it.

As a working web professional I understand the value of your time.  My goal with all Train-ee content is to help you plan, produce and deliver an EE-based site in less time and with better results than you would have otherwise—thereby justifying your investment of time and money here on the site.

Michael Boyink
Train-ee.com Founder

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