Restrictive Dieting Doesn’t Work!

Low carb living is all the rage these days. By simply limiting or avoiding the consumption of carbohydrates, you can quickly shed the pound. These diets promise that you don’t need to count calories or fat, all you need to do is avoid sugar, rice, bread, starches, and anything that has a high carbohydrate content. It sounds simple enough. You eat burgers without the buns, cheese, and almost any vegetable you want. The beauty of this diet is that it fills you, which is a problem most dieters face. Is this quick weight loss good for you?

From the Atkins to the Keto, there are promises of low blood sugar levels, improved cholesterol counts, and better heart health. However, your body needs some carbohydrates to function. The goal behind these diets is that the body uses fat for fuel rather than sugar, so in return the weight falls off. Yes, you can lose a great deal of weight on these diets, but it’s not always a sure thing. You can overeat on protein and fat and not lose a pound.

People are making dieting much more complex than necessary. It’s as easy as a mathematical equation. You need to reduce your caloric intake to burn more fat. Even if you lose a ton of weight eating restricted carbohydrates, can you really eat like that for an extended period? Is massive amounts of cheese and pizzas made from cauliflower crust really going to ease your cravings for the long haul? The answer is no. These diets are meant to be for a short period of time. Though some find that they feel better eating this lifestyle, it’s almost always done intermittently. The fact is that you need a well-balanced diet to live.

Consider fruits like apples, bananas, cherries, grapes, and watermelon. Can you really believe that eating these things is going to make you fat? If people are going to overeat, it’s not going to be on apples. How many people have you heard say that they have a weight problem because they can’t put down the watermelon? Programs like Nutrisystem help people to eat responsibly. You don’t need another fad diet that is so restrictive that it’s not possible. You need to learn to eat responsibly.

You can have ice cream, cake, and a donut if you want. However, you need to learn that instead of an entire bowl of ice cream, you must opt for controlled portion. No foods are off limits when you learn to eat everything in moderation. Programs like Nutrisystem teach people how to eat to fuel their body. No more plates piled high of spaghetti as you can stop your hunger pangs with one cup.

Part of the reason why the obesity epidemic is so high in this country is because we suffer from portion distortion. We expect to eat portions that enough to feed two or three people. We must control our helpings, eat things that are nutritious, and learn that snacks are an occasional treat. Changing your mindset can help you to shed the weight and keep it off.…